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I wouldn't say I have "imposter screenwriter" syndrome, but I definitely have moments where I think, "Okay, step back, it's time to let the professionals do their job." And then I just go stand in the back, where I've stood for most of my life, because my mind thinks that that's where I'm naturally supposed to be standing. But over the last few years, it would be hard for me to deny that somehow I have become the screenwriter I had always hoped I would be. At this moment I have a production company interested in my feature script TILLIE, I have a great producer I work with whom I can pitch ideas to any time (and who has bought one and championed others), and today I have an interview in Script magazine. I don't know know what it is about seeing the interview that changed my mind, but I felt "real." It was a powerful feeling.

I'm not famous. I'm not rich. I'm still hustling and balancing and juggling, like most people. But for a moment, I have had the spotlight on me, and, I will not lie -- it's a nice feeling. Thank you to the wonderful Nanea Taylor for the great questions, and thank you Script magazine, for featuring me. To my writer colleagues: keep doing what your love and the spotlight will eventually shine on you. I'm proof it can happen!

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