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PRODUCED FEATURE SCREENPLAYS (Click on image for trailer or additional info.)

For over 20 years, Violet has carried an obsessive torch of love for Garrett, the handsome boy she once dated in high school. Now 40, Violet moves in next door to Garrett, determined to destroy his marriage and take her "rightful" place as his wife. [LIFETIME]


An unhinged interior decorator becomes obsessed with her latest client and sets out to destroy his family so she can live with him in the house of her dreams. [LIFETIME]


When a rising teen singer is accused of the attempted murder of her producer, her estranged mother must find the real culprit before her daughter is sentenced to prison. [Amazon Prime]


When a married couple decide to explore a “member’s only nightclub,” their seductive encounter with a free-spirited young woman turns into their worst nightmare. [Amazon Prime]


When Darcy tries out for her high school’s cheerleading team, she unwittingly humiliates the most popular girl in school, leading to deadly consequences. [LIFETIME]

Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 10.42.53 AM.png

After a woman enrolls in an auto racing school, her mentally unstable instructor falls in love with her and tries to roll over everybody in her life. [LIFETIME]


When a psychotic fashion photographer turns a nerdish high school student into a superstar model, her obsession with him drives her to homicidal madness. [LIFETIME]

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