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David Hal Chester is an American screenwriter and prize-winning short filmmaker based in Tokyo. He excels in female-driven dysfunctional family dramas with sharp humor. 

To date, he has written ten commissioned features; eight are currently streaming on Amazon Prime and Lifetime TV, and two are in post-production. His original screenplays have all been screenwriting competition finalists, and his short film “The Lesson” won the Tokyo Rainbow Reel “Grand Prix” and the Torino GLBT Film Festival “Best Short Film.”

David’s writing has benefitted greatly from Corey Mandell screenwriting workshops, Roadmap Writer workshops and mentoring by writer/producer Ellen Sandler (“Everybody Loves Raymond”).

When David isn’t obsessing over the seven volumes of “Mad Men” scripts, you can find him hunched over his desk writing a screenplay or teleplay (or, more likely, rewriting them).

#screenwriter #scriptdoctor #filmmaker

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