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Write with abandon. Let the words come flying, fast and furious, and do not edit them as you tap them out or scribble across the page. Do not think. Write. 

Like many writers, I am sometimes gripped by fear. Fear that I am not following the “rules,” that I can’t measure up, that what I’m writing isn’t that interesting or compelling. This kind of thinking is, as my mentor Ellen Sandler might say, the type of thinking that could lead one to make a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies — and then eat all of them. 

In other words, it’s called avoidance

I don’t think I have writer’s block, but I have been known to fight myself and think of a million other things to do so that I don’t have to write.

And yet... I love writing. I love creating characters and worlds, and, for me, dialogue. Imagine, you, the creator, putting words in people’s mouths! And… getting paid for it!

Yes, well, “imagine” is the first part; the easy part. The “do” part is what is difficult. 

That said, walk yourself over to your desk. Sit down. Get your notebook or your computer, prime your pen or shake your fingers, do whatever your routine is… and then… 


WRITE. Write with abandon! No one is looking over your shoulder. It’s you against the world. Lonely, right? Not really; you have a world of characters — a world you populated — and they can express it all: your joy, anger, fear, happiness, thrills, spills — you name it, they can say it. But only if you write it. 

I saw something today on a Facebook post: “Write drunk, edit sober.” I don’t really drink, but I loved it, because, in a way, you must be "drunk" to do this. You must allow yourself to feel WILDLY free to say whatever comes into your head. Allow yourself to let go of all restraints — ALL of them. You can worry about “cleaning it up” later. 

Set the time. An hour? 15 minutes? Whaddya got? Whatever it is, do it. And do it with abandon! Let the emotions wash over you and just go for it!

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1 Comment

Feb 18

Minimum an hour a day. Very inspiring!

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